Suffolk County's Association of Municipal Employees


You don’t know anything about the Suffolk County’s Association of Municipal Employees. This is exactly what I thought just 15 minutes into our first meeting with the AME Board of Directors.

Over 2 years ago we were invited to meet with the AME board to discuss a multi-media campaign to educate Suffolk County residents about AME. What AME needed was a identity that would show the community the essential, and professional jobs AME does. We needed to inform the Suffolk County community that there is a whole fleet of brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors that keep everything operating on a daily basis and often goes unnoticed. The campaign was as much an education campaign as it was a moral boosting message for the 6400 AME members.

CVA was tasked to create a cohesive advertising campaign including TV, radio, print, and digital.  After weeks of preparation, discussions  and scouting locations it all came together and the results were amazing. The final products included a beautifully branded messages and images for all media elements and included a sizzle reel for AME to enjoy during their convention!



Version 1: Suffolk County Crime Lab


Version 2: Department of Public Works


Version 3: Suffolk County Community College

Sizzle Reel: Out Takes