Creative Vibe was born on June 26th, 2002 in a small beach community 25 miles from the center of the advertising universe (NYC). Creative Vibe is a young but experienced agency, focused but peripheral, always dependable, full of values, and an overall likable team of dedicated, passionate people.

We are Full Service, which means we can execute just about anything marketing related.

With large companies outnumbering small businesses 1,169 to 1, Creative Vibe helps even the playing field for the small business. With over 20 years of advertising experience in markets all across the US and beyond, Creative Vibe is the expert in your corner.

Whether navigating the complicated, always changing, cluttered world of digital or overpriced outdoor, or is-it-really-dying Newspapers, we provide the insight to help our clients make the most informed decisions on how to market their products and services.